How to Make The Bourne Legacy Movie Poster into an Awesome Wall Art

If you think that your favorite Bourne Legacy movie poster can’t be hanged in your room’s wall space just because you’re all grown up and a working adult, think again!

The Bourne series has amassed a loyal following both from bookworms and movie enthusiasts, and The Bourne Legacy movie poster is another collectible that should be added to the long list of the series’ memorabilia.

As an emerging design trend that goes beyond college dorm rooms, there are different and creative ways to turn a movie poster into an awesome wall art. If you’ve still yet to hang your Bourne Legacy movie poster, here are some insightful tips to get started:

  • Decide where to hang the movie poster – how the movie poster will be decorated depends on where you’ll hang it. Is it for the family room, in the bedroom, or a mancave/home office?
  • Make good use of the wall space – when you’ve decided where to hang the movie poster, plan on how you want to decorate with the poster by considering wall space. Is it big in proportion to your movie poster? Or does the wall space more fitted with smaller wall art decors?
  • Choose how to hang the movie poster – now here comes the crucial part on how to turn that movie poster into a work of art. Foremost, choose whether you want to frame the poster or not. If it’s the former, choose a frame that (1) compliments the movie poster and (2) matches or, at least, blend with the rest of the room’s motif, design, or color scheme.

If you’re opting not to frame the movie poster, then go for creative ways to hang your movie poster:

Binder clips are a good option, but instead of the usual black ones, you can also consider other colors that go with the movie poster. For example, gold, silver, and copper clips can be used, whichever suits the most.

Pants hangers are closet essentials, but did you know that it’s a trendy way to hang a movie poster. This closet essential can serve as both a frame and hook minus the expense associated with framing. To go the extra innovative mile, paint the hanger so that it fits right in with the entire room’s motif or them.

  • Take note of scale and proportion when hanging the poster – whether the movie poster is a centerpiece or part of a group of wall art gallery display, take note of measurements and scaling so that the result will come out satisfactory.

There are many more ways to decorate a movie poster that does not remind you of college dorm walls. The key takeaway for a movie poster to become an aesthetically pleasing worth of art lies also in the poster’s quality. Make sure to pick museum-quality posters whether you’re hanging it as a living room, home office, and even bedroom wall art. This should make all the difference!