Is It Time for LeoVegas to Premier a Secret Agent Slots Series?

leovegas casino to create secret agent slots

Secret agents and everything that goes with their lifestyle are certainly a great motivation for almost anyone’s imagination. All the secrecy, danger, adrenaline, and the life on the edge are the reasons why this particular genre has had great success in the entertainment industry from books and movies to even cartoons.

Casino slots are, thus, a natural next step. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any slots based on different secret agent themes out there, but if someone were to launch a full-scale series covering all the best-known characters such as James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Kingsman, it is hard to imagine the series wouldn’t be a great success.

To give the maximum exposure and the air of exclusivity this kind of series would need, it would make sense for LeoVegas Casino to partner up with one of the large casino game developers and launch the project. LeoVegas is known for premiering many new games so they’d be within known waters with this.

Who Could Do It?

Developing a slots series such as this would be no small task so this is clearly a job for one of the major game designers. If I were to bet, my money would be on NetEnt because the company has not just the necessary resources to make this happen in a technical sense but they also have the entertainment industry know-how to get the necessary licensing deals done.

With their high-end technology and right people for the job, NetEnt could develop slots that really bring the feel of the movies onto the reels and expand on the original stories, which is bound to appeal to the fans and also attract those who may not be that much interested in the films.

NetEnt already has a proven track-record with turning movies into slots, with their Planet of the Apes being a fine example of what they can do. Taking action-packed and intense secret agent movies and turning them into slots would give them even more to work with as the potential is virtually unlimited.


Why LeoVegas?

With so many online casinos around, why does it feel LeoVegas would be the best choice to host this new series? First and foremost, they are one of the most established casinos around with a huge player base. LeoVegas in New Zealand is the go to place for Kiwis looking for some online gambling action and this alone is a huge market.

Other than this, LeoVegas Casino know how to build the hype around new games and with a series of games such as this they’d have so much to work with and get the players excited. They are definitely one of the few casinos that could turn up the heat and get the ball really rolling.

So, in a conclusion, NetEnt and LeoVegas partnering up on a secret agents slot project would be the match made in heaven as we’d get best of the both worlds: a highly entertaining and visually appealing games with familiar themes presented on one of the leading online gaming platforms out there.