Movie Trivia and Goofs

Did you know?

Aaron Cross (Renner) is one of nine outcomes included in Project Blackbriar.

The Bourne Legacy is the longest film of all Bourne series at 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Although filming was initially located in New York City, the cast and crew also filmed in different parts of the world, including the Philippines and South Korea.

The most challenging scene for Jeremy Renner was the motorcycle stunt he had to do with Rachel Weisz in Manila.

Stars like Taylor Kitsch, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Luke Evans, among other well-established actors were considered for Aaron Cross’ role.

For Dr. Martha Shearing’s role, ace actresses like Milla Jovovich, Michelle Monaghan, Kate Mara, Kate Beckinsale, etc. were considered.

The stock footage from the 1996 movie Executive Decision was used when the protagonists flew overseas.

The last scene of the movie where both Cross and Shearing were seen riding a small boat was shot in Palawan, Philippines. At a local paper interview, Rachel Weisz expressed that she was captivated by the place’s beauty that she can live forever in there.

The Bourne Legacy happened in 2005, but the bike used by Aaron Cross (Renner) during the chase scene is a 2010 Honda CRF 450 X.

Also, the taxis and police cars used in the entire movie were a Toyota Vios model, which was only released in 2007. The film is set in 2005.

In a car chase seen in Manila between LARX #3 and Cross, the latter was seen driving a Toyota Camry used as a police car. However, the Camry is almost a luxury car in the Philippines and has never been used as a patrol car by Manila police.

The airplane that Cross and Dr. Shearing boarded for their Manila flight is a 747, but when they landed, it showed as a 777.